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A Florence and the Machine community

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Florence welch.

Welcome to florence_welch. We are a community specifically for Florence Welch and her band Florence and the Machine. Come discuss, share, and enjoy yourself!.


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Please keep in mind.

1.Membership is open so feel free to join in on the fun.
2.Posting is moderated, but we will accept them asap if there not going to start drama which leads me to the next rule.
3. We are a NICE community. What does this mean? It means don't be a jerk. No homophobia/rascism/classism/sexism/any ism that requires being mean to people.
4. Don't start drama. We don't want it. Do it enough? I will personally start drama back. And then ban your sorry ass.
5. The mods are holy entities. If we warn you, listen. We have a reason and I for one am not afraid to ban assholes.
6.Images larger than 400px wide or lots of pictures need to be behind an lj-cut. I'm not gonna try to break your friends page, so please don't break mine.
7. Probably the most important rule... BE ACTIVE AS A MEMBER! Without active members the community will epically fail. Even if your just posting graphics POST!

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